Customer Testimonials

I have never used any type of CBD product before and I can say that these are fantastic!! I love using the Healing Hands Balm after a long day of wearing gloves in the cold dry winter. I also love the Soothing Lavender Lotion to wind down after a long day. Everything smells amazing and feels great!  I definitely recommend Hemp of the Rockies products to any athlete or anyone that has a job that leaves you aching and sore.

– Heidi Armstrong

I’m in my 50’s and I absolutely LOVE Hemp Of The Rockies products. Especially Joint Juice and Magnesium Relief Cream. Just to test the product out I applied some Magnesium Relief Cream to some inflammation/arthritis to joint area of my index finger and in less than 60 seconds the pain and inflammation went away. I understand it’s not a cure-all though it 💯 works and eased my pain and discomfort.Great people, great products with REAL ingredients using full spectrum CBD oil that actually works. Fantastic company.

– Charley H. – Denver, CO

These are the best bath bombs I’ve tried!  Not only are they therapeutic and super relaxing, they smell wonderful and are incredibly moisturizing; it feels like you already have lotion on when you get out of the bath.

– Dianna

I met the owners Sasha and Erich. Very kind and knowledgeable people in the health & wellness industry. They were very generous in allowing me to sample some of the Hemp Of The Rockies products and wow!! I could feel the difference almost immediately. I’ll be putting in my order soon. I had my daughter and son in law try the products and we all love them. Thank you!! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

– Amy G. – Cheyenne, WY

My whole body was so sore and I was so exhausted that I didn’t think that I would be able to work the next day. I was gifted a Hemp of the Rockies bath bomb. I soaked in a deep tub with a Hemp of the Rockies bath bomb for an Hour and a half. The next day I felt completely rejuvenated. I was not sore at all and had so much energy that I was able to achieve my daily activities without any struggle. I highly recommend that anyone try these hemp of the Rockies bath bombs.

– Missouri Customer

I first started using Hemp of the Rockies products post-running, to assist with any aches and pains. After continued use, I realized the discoloration from a recent injury I’d had started to dissipate. Without hesitation I recommend Hemp of the Rockies to all my family and friends. Quality products and reasonable pricing!!!

– Monica

I’ve been very happy with the results of using Hemp of the Rockies products: from the Vitamin C Cream, helping heal skin issues on my forehead, to significant pain relief and improved mobility from using Joint Juice and the CBD nano drops. I highly recommend any of the products in the Hemp of the Rockies line, they are inexpensive and effective.

– Tom McClain

I was introduced to Joint Juice a little over 4 years ago.  Even though I was regularly taking prescription pain pills and using prescription topical cream for my arthritis. I was still very uncomfortable.  I  shared this with a client who gave me a tin of Joint Juice. I immediately used it and woke up feeling better the next morning. I felt better each day than the day before using the Joint Juice in the morning when getting up and before going to bed. I’ve tried to never let myself run out of it ever since.  I’ve also given samples to two of my friends.  Both found relief with Joint Juice.  One friend said Joint Juice was better than what she could get from a dispensary.

– Nancy Boyd

I’ve had migraines since a child and a co-worker of mine suggested using Hemp of the Rockies and explained the benefits of using CBD. She introduced me to Hemp of the Rockies products by placing a tiny bit of joint juice balm on the inner part of my wrist and behind my ears. What a miracle I experienced!! In 10 minutes the migraine had significantly decreased. I then after began using Hemp of the Rockies water-soluble tinctures on a daily basis as well as the Balm when I have intense pain. I have noticed a tremendous improvement in my health with a great decrease in migraines, ever since I began using Hemp of the Rockies!!

– D. Stroh