REJUVENATE Anti-Aging Serums

Our skin-renewing facial serums rejuvenate and hydrate the skin using an advanced delivery system which supports structural proteins, such as collagen and elastin. Within seconds of application, your skin feels tighter, and lines and wrinkles become less prominent. The results, both short term and long lasting, are made possible through a patent-pending technology using water-binding molecules which penetrate the dermal layers to produce smoother, softer skin. The Nighttime PM Facial Serum contains water soluble retinol which delivers water, in the form of a reverse thermal hydrogel which produces plumping and firming resulting in younger looking skin. Dermatologists who have studied the anti-aging effect of our product equate the results to more dramatic procedures that reduce wrinkles and plump the skin, but without injections or surgery.

Each bottle contains a 30-day supply for daily application. For topical use only, the Daytime AM formulation is for morning use; the Nighttime PM formulation is for evening use.

Daytime Facial Serum Ingredients include: Water, Water Soluble CBD Hemp Extract, Vitamin C.

Nighttime Facial Serum Ingredients include: Water, Hyaluronic Acid, Water Soluble Retinol Palmitate, Water Soluble CBD Hemp Extract, Vitamin C.


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