Can CBD Help Manage Pain?

CBD and reducing inflammation One of CBD’s claims to fame is that it can help manage pain. Does CBD live up to the hype and can it be used for pain management in your situation?

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this question. CBD only became federally legal in 2018 and as a result there are not many extensive studies to definitively prove that CBD relieves pain. However, there are many surveys available that indicate most people using CBD for pain management find it to be helpful.


A recent survey done in California among older adults found that the majority of CBD users in the study felt that CBD helped with their pain and allowed them to reduce other pain medications. These results were published in the Journal of Pain Research. Another large survey of adults with fibromyalgia, published in the Journal of Pain found that 72% of those surveyed were replacing pain relieving medications with CBD and those replacing medications with CBD reported better outcomes for overall health, pain relief, and improved sleep.

These surveys indicate that generally people are experiencing positive results from using CBD to manage pain. CBD can be used to help manage chronic pain and pain from inflammation. Practical Pain Management points out the CBD can reduce inflammation by acting like an antioxidant and preventing reductions in micro-elements that are responsible for maintaining a balanced immune system.

CBD For Athletes

CBD can manage pain for athletes by inhibiting pain receptors, relieving immediate pain. It can also reduce inflammation that comes from an intense workout, pushing muscles to the limit. Reducing inflammation can also help relieve temporary joint pain.

Broad Applications for Chronic Pain

CBD for Chronic Pain While understanding exactly how CBD works to relieve pain is still being studied and understood, it is becoming more and more clear that CBD is effective for a broad range of people experiencing a variety of pain, both from chronic ailments and temporary inflammation. It also appears that there are very few side effects to using CBD. According to the surveys cited above, many people report feeling healthier and experiencing fewer side effects when using CBD for pain management as opposed to using other medications.

Products Available

If you are experiencing pain, there are a variety of CBD products you can try. There are serums and oils, as well as creams and rubs. Water-soluble nano CBD is one of the latest technologies in CBD production and can be used in liquids to work quickly and effectively in your body. Consider talking with your doctor about using CBD to manage your pain. If you are currently on prescription medications, you should discuss your pain management strategy with your doctor. Try incorporating CBD in your daily routine for better pain relief and overall improved quality of life.