Introducing our Water-Soluble Nano CBD!

CBD has been helping people manage inflammation, muscle pain, mood disorders, stress, and anxiety for years now.  According to Single Care, “an estimated 64 million Americans have tried CBD in the last 24 months.” The one challenge with CBD is finding the best ways to make it readily available for the body to use. Whether applying it topically, or ingesting CBD, the cannabinoids must be absorbed through the skin or digestive system. The improved bioavailability of water-soluble nano CBD means CBD can do its best work, faster!

Increased Bioavailability of Water-Soluble Nano CBD!

Everything we ingest or apply topically must be absorbed by our body to be used to keep our body healthy. This includes vitamins, whether eaten in foods or taken as a supplement, minerals, oils, fatty acids and more. The better the bioavailability, the easier it is for your body to absorb and benefit from the supplement. Nano CBD refers to the size of the CBD particles. They are incredibly small, making the CBD water-soluble. This means the supplement absorbs in water, unlike regular CBD oils. Much of our body is made up of water and as a result, water-soluble CBD is quickly and efficiently absorbed and put to use in the body.


This new technology allows you to feel the positive benefits of CBD rapidly. Whether you are seeking pain relief, relief from stress and anxiety, or even help sleeping, water-soluble nano CBD acts quickly. It is also easy to incorporate into your regular health routine. A few drops of this special blend of CBD can be added to any beverage that you already enjoy regularly.

Our New Products

We are so excited to introduce our new line of water-soluble nano CBD. We are currently offering three different blends of water-soluble nano CBD. Each blend is specifically designed to offer targeted results. Limitless is a blend of CBD and CBG designed to improve focus and lift your mood. Relief is a blend of CBN and CBD that can off relief for pain, improve sleep, and reduce inflammation. Zen is a blend of CBD, CBG, and CBN that can help you calm down and alleviate stress and anxiety. You can choose a blend that is right for your daily health and wellness goals, or interchange blends to target specific health needs.

Many people have already experienced the positive results of CBD use in their everyday lives. The possibilities for health and wellness that water-soluble nano CBD offer are so exciting. We are thrilled to share this new technology with you all.