CBD for Healthy Skin

CBD can be found in just about any type of product. You can find it on the grocery store shelves in a variety of foods, drinks, and supplements. You can also find CBD in skincare products. While CBD is beginning to show promising results for pain regulation and mood regulation, can it do anything for your skin?

An Anti-Inflammatory

One of CBD’s most touted benefits, and what makes it so great for relieving so many ailments in your body is its anti-inflammatory properties. Because CBD can work with your body’s endocannabinoid system to regulate inflammation, CBD is also good for offering relief for a variety of inflammatory skin conditions. Eczema and psoriasis are two skin challenges that CBD may help clear up. It may also be useful for combating acne, and acne scarring. 

Full Spectrum CBD in Skincare for healthy skin

Self Magazine points out that because CBD has not been studied extensively yet, it is unclear which cannabinoids are doing the work of clearing up our skin. This makes it important to use a full spectrum CBD in your skincare product so that you are likely to receive the maximum benefit. 

The science and regulation of CBD is lagging behind CBD’s popularity. Many people have reported positive outcomes because of CBD. However, the FDA doesn’t regulate CBD so it is important that you understand the quality and quantity of CBD in your product so that you can use it effectively. Using a high quality, organic CBD will help ensure positive results, without any extra toxins or unhelpful additives. Look for a certificate of analysis that demonstrates the CBD in the product is full spectrum and contains less than the legal amount of THC (which is 0.3%).  

Other Beneficial Ingredients

It is wise to use CBD lotions and CBD skincare products that also contain other known essential oils and ingredients that benefit the skin. Choose your CBD skincare product based on your skincare goals. Do you want healthy, youthful skin? Do you want to calm irritation? Are you fighting acne? Is your skin to dry and flakey? Use CBD skincare products that have additional ingredients such as essential oils and carrier oils that will help you meet your overall skincare goals. 


If you are taking other medications, including topical medications for particular skin issues, talk to your doctor about using CBD. You should never change medications abruptly, without the recommendation of your doctor. CBD is also generally considered very safe, with few known side effects, but it can interact with some medications. To avoid any complications talk with your doctor about the implications of using CBD topically for skin care. CBD can help you achieve and maintain healthy, youthful skin. Try a lotion, body oil, or balm with full spectrum CBD to see the best results. Incorporate your CBD product in your everyday skin care routine for best results.