Can CBD Help your Anxiety or Depression? 

CBD benefits can range from pain relief to combating inflammation, but can CBD do anything to benefit your mood? According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America at many as 40 million adults over the age of 18 experience anxiety every year. Anxiety, depression, and stress often go hand in hand, and can range from mild to severe. CBD may offer a solution to the many people coping with these challenging mood disorders. 

CBD Works With Your Body

According to Psychology Today, the cannabinoid system works to keep the body regulated. According to the article, cannabinoids bind to receptors in the cannabinoid system that “stimulate feel-good responses.” These feel good responses can counter feelings of depression and anxiety. CBD is working with a system that is already functioning in our body, unlike other some other drugs and medications.

Fortunately, CBD also has few known side effects, and is not known to cause overdose. The FDA has even approved studies on children using CBD to treat epilepsy, implying that it is very safe to use. 

Quality CBD CBD for depression

Be aware however, that CBD is not regulated by the FDA and not all CBD tinctures, oils, and products are equally effective and safe. Be sure you are getting your CBD oils from a reputable seller. A third party certificate of analysis or COA can demonstrate the cannabinoid profile, and ensure that the CBD contains less than the legal limit of THC. THC is the ingredient in marijuana that causes “the high.” Using high quality CBD will not result in a high. Psychology Today warns against using CBD infused products found in grocery stores, such as foods or beverages, because it is very difficult to confirm the quality of the CBD and sometimes the amount used.

Talk With Your Doctor

While CBD can bring relief to mild symptoms of anxiety, irritability, stress, or even sadness, there are often severe cases that should be treated by a professional. Depression and anxiety left unchecked can have serious consequences. Talk to your doctor about treating your mood disorder with CBD. With proper counseling, and CBD you may be able to achieve relief. It is important for your doctor to know you plan to treat with CBD, because it can have some interaction with other drugs. You should not abruptly switch medications without guidance from your doctor. 

Try CBD!

While science is still discovering all of the benefits of CBD, studies and surveys are beginning to reveal the powerful ability of CBD to regulate mood. If you are experiencing mild symptoms, try CBD to boost your mood. If you are experiencing more severe symptoms, talk with your doctor about incorporating CBD into your mental health care plan.