What is the difference between Hemp and Cannabis?

There are so many words related to the new trend of CBD and legal marijuana floating around health and wellness blogs, beauty advice, nutrition stores, legal documents and more, if you are interested in using hemp or cannabis it can hard to keep it all straight. Depending on your health goals, you will want to understand exactly what these words mean and how different products and ingredients impact your body. You can understand the difference between hemp and cannabis and how to choose the best products for your needs.


Both hemp and cannabis are words that are used in a variety of ways. In common language, cannabis is often used as a more alternative term for marijuana, pot, or weed. Cannabis is often used to refer specifically to the leaves that are dried and smoked to induce a psychoactive effect. Unfortunately, this name can be misleading, because Cannabis also refers to a genus of plants that includes three different species of plants, including what is known as hemp.

Hemp CBD-hemp-difference

Many people use the word hemp to refer to the cannabis plant whose leaves contain only a very small amount of THC, the compound in marijuana that causes the psychoactive effect or high. Hemp is legal to grow and is grown for its production value. Hemp oil, a common beauty product and skin care ingredient, is derived from the hemp plant. CBD oil a popular supplement and skin care ingredient can also be derived from the hemp plant. These products must contain less than 0.3% THC to be sold legally at the federal level.


The plants that contain more THC and are thus used to produce marijuana are often referred to as Cannabis. It is important to keep in mind that CBD oil can be derived from hemp or cannabis and it is exactly the same, according to an article from CBDOrigin. If produced properly, it does not contain more than 0.3% THC, and has the same beneficial properties from either plant.

Ingredients to Look For

When you are looking for ingredients for supplements or skincare products you should look for words like CBD oil, hemp oil, or hemp seed oil, These products offer numerous benefits for your health. They are also legal to buy in all fifty states. If a product simply states cannabis, or someone refers to cannabis, you may need to clarify if they are referring to the plants or to an ingredient or product that contains THC. The more specific the ingredient list, the more you can be confident about what you are putting into or onto your body.

Certificate of Analysis

Some products that contain CBD offer a certification from a third party lab test that indicates the product contains less than .3% THC. If you would like to try CBD but are concerned about any psychoactive effects, using a product that has third party certificate of analysis can give you peace of mind. At Hemp of the Rockies all of our products have a certificate of analysis so that you can be certain about the quality of CBD you are using.

Use CBD with Confidence

Don’t let language and jargon prevent from trying potentially helpful products. Armed with a little information you can make positive choices about your health.