Can CBD Help Reduce your After-Workout Recovery Time? 

When you are training for competition in a sport, or simply enjoying an adventure sport, you don’t want to waste time on recovery. Tending sore muscles and joints can rob you of precious days enjoying your favorite activities. CBD for athletes battles inflammation which is a common source of sports related pain. Using CBD after workouts could get you going again faster.

What Causes Soreness?

CBD for Post workout

Soreness often happens the day following a new or tougher workout. According to Live Science, working muscles, or parts of muscles, you haven’t used regularly causes tiny tears and inflammation along the muscles. Your body working to repair those tears is the source of the delayed pain. This soreness is a good sign that you are building your muscles. However, it can be uncomfortable and inconvenient.

Common Solutions for Soreness

In the past, people have used over-the-counter medications, such as ibuprofen or acetapmetaphoin to relieve muscle aches. Menthol creams and rubs are also used to provide relief. Heating pads and ice packs are another way to reduce the pain symptoms of muscle recovery. While these can all provide some relief, CBD can work with your body’s natural systems to help you recover faster.

Your Body’s Natural Response

CBD works with the endocannabinoid system that is already active in your body. This system works to keep your body regulated, reducing inflammation. CBD stands for cannabidiol and is a natural compound found in hemp plants. It can work with your natural endocannabinoid system to bring you back to homeostasis and provide relief.

CBD Balms

CBD can be found in creams and balms combined with other natural, essential oils so that you can enjoy both immediate soothing and more long term repair to muscle damage. Hemp of the Rockies offers an Apres Sport balm that combines high quality CBD with essential oils such as cayenne and ginger, for immediate comfort and relief. If you joints are aching, try Joint Juice to reduce inflammation and ease pain.   

When To Talk To Your Doctor

If you are suffering with pain that is more chronic than occasional muscle soreness, you should discuss it with your doctor. It could be indicating an underlying condition or injury. You don’t want to push your body if you recovering from an athletic injury. You should also discuss using CBD with your doctor if you have other chronic conditions that you are dealing with or taking other medications. CBD is not known to have negative side effects, but it may interact with other medications. It is important for your doctor to know any medications and supplements you are using.

Quick Relief

When you are looking for quick relief for sore muscles after pushing it on the slopes, a hard run, or an intense bike ride, try a CBD balm. Enjoy the satisfying feeling of essential oils along with the deeper relief of CBD oil and get back to being active.