Athletes often push themselves to the limits when training and competing. Muscle pain due to recovery is common in many athletes. In addition, athletes can also face long term joint pain and pain due to injuries or inflammation. No one wants to leave their sport behind because of pain. CBD may be able to help manage pain associated with physical activity.

Risky Traditional Pain Medication

Athletes often turn to Non Steroidal Anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs for temporary pain relief. These are drugs like ibuprofen. Studies are beginning to find that chronic use of NSAIDs can cause more damage than previously thought. Risks are especially high in the elderly and can cause high blood pressure and increase risk for heart attack and stroke. While occasional use is not likely to cause problems in younger athletes, you may want to consider an alternative for everyday pain.

CBD Use and Athletes

How CBD Works

CBD can work with your body’s natural endocannabinoid system to reduce inflammation and help relieve pain. The endocannabinoid system is responsible for maintaining homeostasis in your body. This system can be overloaded when you are pushing your body to perform athletically. However, supplementing with CBD can help your endocannabinoid system regulate, providing relief to many of the pain symptoms you may experience.

Legal Use

CBD is legal to use when competing. According to CTS, a coaching company, both the World and US Anti-Doping Agencies have removed CBD from the list of banned substances. This means CBD is not considered a performance enhancing drug and can be used in conjunction with competition. THC, however, is still prohibited. THC is the component in marijuana that cause the altered psychological state. These agencies have increased their legal amounts so that casual or small amounts of usage will not prohibit an athlete from competing. However use on the day of a competition is likely to disqualify a competitor.

Is CBD legal for Athletes

How To Use CBD

CBD can be added to a health regimen in a variety of ways. It can be taken as a supplement or applied to the skin through a carrier oil or cream. For sore and aching joints and muscles, it may be most beneficial to apply it directly to the affected area. Hemp of the Rockies offers balms and lotions with high quality, organic CBD. Our products are tested by a third party and proven to have no more than 0.3% THC which is the legal limit for CBD products. In addition, our Apres Sport Balm combines CBD with other essential oils such as Cayenne and Ginger to provide fast relief for your aching joints and muscles.

Your Health Regimen

When you want to get back up and going after a hard workout, try using CBD for sports recovery. For more chronic pain, try implementing CBD in your daily health regimen. CBD may replace your NSAIDs and other pain relief techniques, for a healthy way to get back in the game.