If you are suffering from anxiety, many people are in the same boat. You are not alone. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, about 40 million adults in the United States suffer from some type of anxiety. There are many different anxiety disorders including general anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. Anxiety often also goes hand in hand with depression. There are a variety of treatments available for anxiety, many are prescription medications. CBD may also offer some relief.

The Science

Science is still catching up to the popularity of CBD. It is still considered a supplement, and therefore not regulated by the FDA. This means there are few studies and clinical trials on humans to prove or disprove the effectiveness of CBD for anxiety. However, there is a growing body of evidence that would suggest CBD could offer some relief for those suffering with anxiety.

Healthline cites a study performed by the National Institute on Drug Abuse that found CBD reduced both behavioral and physiological indicators of anxiety in rats, suggesting that CBD may have some affect on generalized anxiety disorder.

A study from the Journal of Psychopharmacology  examined the effect of CBD on people experiencing social anxiety disorder. Some participants were given CBD while others were given a placebo. The results of this study suggest that CBD did have a positive impact on people experiencing social anxiety disorder.

There is certainly more research that needs to be done in this area, but the studies and surveys that do exist indicate that CBD can offer relief for people suffering with anxiety disorders. CBD is also ideal because there are relatively few known side effects. Some side effects may include fatigue, and changes in weight or appetite.

First Steps

If you are experiencing an anxiety disorder, the first step you should take is to talk with a doctor or counselor. These professionals can help you take the appropriate next steps. It is important to get professional help for an anxiety disorder so that you can manage it in the most effective ways. Suggest to your doctor that you are interested in trying CBD for your anxiety. It is important that your doctor or psychiatrist know you are using CBD, especially if they plan to prescribe other medications.

As you use CBD, monitor your progress. Everyone’s bodies are different and respond differently to various treatments. You want to be sure that you are seeing improvements as you use CBD.

People experience a broad range of anxiety, it can be just a regular annoyance or so crushing that it hinders your everyday life. Consider trying CBD to get relief from your anxiety. Talk to your doctor to see how you could incorporate CBD for anxiety in your daily health routines.

CBD for anxiety