People experience joint pain for many different reasons. Joint pain can be chronic due to inflammation, arthritis, lasting effects of an injury, and other illnesses. Those who suffer with chronic joint pain know that it is exhausting and can slow down everyday activities. Doctors often struggle to find solutions to chronic join pain and may prescribe medications that have inconvenient or even debilitating side effects. So how can a person with chronic joint pain manage their pain so that they can enjoy their life? CBD may be the answer. The benefits of CBD are many and one of them is relieving joint pain.

CBD for joint pain


Because CBD is relatively new in the field of medicine there are very few studies or clinical trials in humans available to prove that CBD oil can relieve joint pain. One study, performed on rats with osteoarthritis found that CBD did in fact reduce inflammation, pain responses, and protected the nerves from additional damage. It is possible to conclude that CBD would have similar effects in humans. While not an official study, Rheumatoid Arthritis reported that many sufferers of arthritis have reported an improvement in pain while using CBD.

CBD works with the natural processes already in place in the body to reduce inflammation, which can reduce joint pain. In addition to relieving pain, CBD can also reduce sleeplessness and feelings of depression that are commonly associated with chronic pain.

CBD is derived primarily from hemp plants. Legal CBD contains less than .3% THC which is the psychoactive component associated with marijuana. You can use CBD without worrying about addiction or getting the high associated with THC.

How To Use CBD

There are several methods for using CBD. It can be taken orally as a supplement. It can also be applied directly to the skin. This allows it to be mixed with other oils that are also known for relieving joint pain. The combination of CBD and other active ingredients works together to offer you the most relief. Hemp of the Rockies offers a balm, called Joint Juice, specifically formulated to relieve pain in your joints. It combines CBD with powerful essential oils such as peppermint and cayenne to target joint pain. Our Working Hands balm is designed specifically to bring relief to dry and cracked hands, as well as reducing joint pain. CBD absorbed through the skin can get to work on your trouble spots immediately.

Talk With Your Doctor

Consider using CBD as part of your pain management plan for your chronic joint pain. If you are already on medications for pain, talk with your doctor about whether or not you should continue taking those medications while trying CBD. CBD is generally considered safe for use without many side effects, but it may interact with other medications. Some medications are important not to end abruptly as well.  One potential side effect may be sleepiness, and this could be compounded in association with other prescribed medication. It is important for your doctor to know everything you are using to manage pain including supplements like CBD.

CBD for joint pain

Control Your Pain

Hemp of the Rockies offers high quality products that are infused with helpful CBD oil and other essential oils to help in your pain relief management. Try using CBD to control your joint pain!