Essential oils are used in many products. Each oil is distilled from natural plant material, typically a flower, fruit, seed, or leaf. These very concentrated oils offer their beneficial properties by absorbing through the skin, as well as inhaling the scent, known as aromatherapy.

Essential oils are often very strong and should not be applied directly to the skin. They can be added to a carrier oil or lotion and then applied. This will prevent any harsh or adverse reaction. We add essential oils to our organic hemp oil products to enhance the benefits you get from these products.

Benefits of the Essential Oils in our Hemp Products

Each Oil Is Unique

Each essential oil has its own set of attributes and benefits. Some are soothing and calming, while others are invigorating and lift the mood. Some essential oils can release tension and others can even relieve physical symptoms such as congestion or headaches. The following are some of our favorite essential oils to use in our hemp oil lotions and other skincare products.

Benefits of the Essential Oils in our Hemp Products

Calming Essential Oils

Lavender is a common essential oil and one we love to put into our hemp oil lotions. Lavender is known to be relaxing, and is useful for relieving tension and stress. An article from Johns Hopkins suggest using lavender to “relieve stress and promote good sleep.” In addition, it has anti-inflammatory properties and can soothe skin irritations.

Chamomile is an essential oil we also include in in our Soothing Lavender Lotion for its calming properties. If you have trouble calming down after a busy day, or going to sleep try applying this lotion. It will make your skin feel soft and supple, while helping you wind down.

Invigorating Oils

Cayenne adds heat to an oil or lotion. We include it in our sports recovery balm, Aprés Sport Balm, because it is invigorating and its anti-inflammatory properties can relieve aches and pains associated with physical activity. Ginger is also one of the essential oils we include in this balm because it is energizing and promotes healthy circulation.

Jasmine has the unique ability to uplift the mood, while still being calming. If you need to relieve stress and anxiety while increasing your energy levels and improving your mood, use a hemp oil lotion with Jasmine. Jasmine also has a lovely, sweet floral scent.

Our Vitamin C hemp oil lotion features essential oils derived from fruit such as tangerine and graviola. These high in vitamin C essential oils can aid in skin repair. Graviola is also known for easing joint pain associated with osteoarthritis.

High Quality Skincare Products

Each of our organic hemp oil skincare products are carefully crafted to make you look and feel your best. Our tempting scents will lift your mood, or help you feel calm and relaxed. Essential oils are especially helpful because of their many anti-inflammatory properties. Find the blend that suits your health needs and goals among our high quality, organic hemp oil and CBD skincare products.