CBD can be found on a lot of labels lately and in all kinds of products, but what is CBD? CBD stands for cannabidol. It is a chemical compound that can be derived from the hemp plant, which is a “cousin of the marijuana plant,” as described by Harvard Health, or the marijuana plant. CBD is distilled from the plant and typically added to a carrier oil. CBD is not THC. THC is the psychoactive component of marijuana that causes the high feeling. CBD can be used in combination with THC, but CBD on its own has no mind altering effects.

Studies on CBD and CBD Products

CBD is just making its entrance into the scientific community as a supplement that can have an enormous positive impact. Its most notable super power is its ability to calm the symptoms of a specific childhood epilepsy that are not treatable with other drugs. Many of the tests and trials currently being performed with CBD relate to certain neuro-logical conditions, as well as chronic pain. According to Healthline, results of these tri-als tend to indicate that CBD and CBD products can have a significant positive impact for a variety of ailments. We can anticipate many more trials and studies on CBD to take place as CBD use gains popularity and availability throughout the United States.

Is It Legal? CBD Products

Because the legality of marijuana is a hotly contested issue at both a federal and state level, many people wonder whether CBD is legal. CBD is legal on the federal level, however some states may have various restrictions, and some states have restrictions regarding cultivating hemp and using CBD distilled from marijuana plants. Regardless of the status of your state on these issues you can easily and legally order CBD prod-ucts that contain .3% THC or less online.

Other Regulations and Precautions

That said CBD is not regulated by the FDA and is classified as a supplement. This means there are very few regulations in place ensuring the quality of your CBD. The CBD in our skincare products is derived from hemp that is sustainably and legally grown. We know exactly where our CBD comes from because we grow it ourselves. This may not be true of many other CBD skincare products on the market. Our skin-care products also have a COA (certificate of analysis) demonstrating that they have been tested by a third party lab and contain high quality CBD.

Introduce CBD Into Your Skincare Routine

The many uses of CBD are continually being discovered. We are happy to be on the front lines of cultivating hemp sustainably and offering quality CBD skin care products. Try introducing CBD into your skin care routine with our Hemp of the Rockies skin care product line.